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  • Softeris SPC for Valeo

Statistical process control


Client: Valeo Thermal Systems in Skawina

  • manufacturer of radiators and cooling systems for many European, Japanese and American car makes


Initial situation

  • hard copy measurement sheets, Excel sheets
  • no central management or monitoring
  • manual reading and entering of measurement data
  • difficult access to historical data



  • uniform Softeris SPC system for the entire factory
  • central management and monitoring
  • automatic measurement acquisition
  • easy access to historical data
  • automatic calculation of control limits
  • automatic detection and prediction of disruptions
  • central database (with backup copy)
  • local databases at stations synchronised with the central one (able to operate even in case of prolonged network failure)



  • integration of consecutive measurement devices
  • analysis divided between tools and manufacturing stations
  • ability to raise an alarm or halt the production if no measurement was taken
  • automatic email/SMS notifications that defined factors are exceeded



  • 15 manufacturing stations monitored at 28 measurement stations
  • 1500 active measurement sheets
  • 650 measurements per 24 hours
  • Subsequent projects
  • thanks to customer satisfaction the system was implemented at Valeo Lighting Systems in Chrzanów (manufacturer of vehicle lamps)

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