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When pre-made solutions are not enough

Are you looking for software tailored to you?
You need a solution for yourself but you don"t know how to find it?

We can help!

At Softeris, we value customer satisfaction above all. We always make cooperation as effective as possible and in a pleasant atmosphere, and we always put most of the focus on that (well, maybe except for the code quality). We provide comprehensive services for building IT systems on a special order. We encourage you to check our portfolio with implementations for giants of the manufacturing industry. We build stable systems based only on proven frameworks, thanks to which so many large customers have trusted us. The technologies we use include:

and more

We encourage you to contact us to determine your requirements! We are happy to provide any advice and share our knowledge on any topic, and thanks to the modular structure of our systems and the extensive experience of our developers in building custom systems, neither you nor your wallet will want to go back to previous companies.

Don"t wait! Try us!



Software House - Our solutions

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