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Workflow - documentation flow Electornic information flow - documents or tasks are transferred from one employee to another, according to defined procedures.


CRM - client relations management

Accepting orders and queries from clients, their analysis and handling, replying to them.


ECM - enterprise content management

Entering, managing, storing and providing content and documentation related to organisational processes.


BPM - business process management

Defining business processes, assigning rights to specific events, executing and controlling processes, information on expiry, email or SMS notifications.


TQM - total quality management

Employee engagement, process optimisation, resulting in increase in client satisfaction.


DMS - document management system

Shared document work, ability to define who can see the given document and who can edit it.


CMS - content management system

Allows authors to add and edit information and publish it for all or selected readers.


KB - knowledge base

Robust knowledge base with the ability to sort by categories, advanced search options.

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