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  • Softeris Workflow handles the flow of business process-related documents and information.

  • The defined workflow can be external, between cooperating companies, or between employees and system guests. System is accessed through a web browser.

  • Systems based on the Softeris Workflow platform can work in closed corporate networks (Intranet) or in the Internet. The platform may be installed with the use of client"s infrastructure or leased from Softeris servers (ASP).

  • The platform has an easy to use and flexible reporting system which allows you to check key performance indicators at any time.

  • The structure of the platform is uniform - all information is accessed the same way - if you can handle one part of the system, you can handle all of them.

  • The platform has a built-in website generation mechanism - a tool to effectively present your information, handled with the ease of Softeris Workflow.

  • A system built on Softeris Workflow may be accessible to registered users only, or also to guests - you can define which information is confidential and which is public.

  • You can also add attachments to the information (e.g. Word and Excel files, images etc.) - all important documents can be kept in one place and shared with selected users.

  • The platform allows you to send or save a link to any system element, thanks to which you don"t have to explain where to find the given information, just click the link. 

  • Any information in the system has changes history - you can always check who did what and when in the system.

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