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Microsoft Azure

Are you wondering what Microsoft Azure is? What are the advantages of a cloud solution?
We invite you to the presentation.

Microsoft Azure is a constantly growing set of cloud services that facilitates your organization to meet business challenges. It provides the freedom to create, deploy and manage applications in a huge global network using your favorite tools and structures.

Azure solutions are:

Reduce product launch time by creating faster-needed features using over 100 comprehensive services.

Program and implement anywhere with the only coherent hybrid cloud on the market. Expand the Azure platform locally using Azure Stack.

Create smart applications using powerful data processing services and artificial intelligence.

Join startups, government institutions and 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies already using the Microsoft Cloud platform.

Technologies used by Microsoft:

Internet of Things
Support digital transformations, collect unused data and search for new detailed information by combining devices, resources and sensors

Artificial intelligence
Productive use of artificial intelligence for virtually every developer and every scenario

Hybrid applications in the cloud
Maximize productivity by enabling developers to create and deploy applications in the same way, whether they run on Azure or Azure Stack

Mobile applications
Contact customers anywhere, on any device thanks to a single mobile application compilation


Meet customer expectations with a personalized, scalable and secure store environment

LOB applications
Upgrade your in-house business applications (LOBs) to meet today"s IT challenges

SharePoint on the Azure platform
Quickly deploy SharePoint servers and scale them according to your needs thanks to cost-effective infrastructure

Dynamics service on the Azure platform
Support the company"s development by combining the company"s resource planning solution (ERP) and cloud services in the Azure system. Enter the scale and flexibility of the cloud to the SAP workloads necessary for the business.

Red Hat solutions on the Azure platform
Provide your company with the benefits of hybrid cloud flexibility with Red Hat solutions on the Azure platform

Connect people, processes and products with each other to enable continuous delivery of value to your end users

Development and testing

Simplify and speed up the process of creating and testing applications on any platform monitoring, get insight into the health, performance and use of applications, workloads and infrastructure

Business analysis
Improve and accelerate the decision-making process by analyzing data for detailed information

Big data and analysis
Make the most informed decisions by analyzing all the necessary data in real time

A modern data warehouse

Support exponential growth of data without neglecting security, scalability or analysis

SaaS business applications
Azure"s business information and analysis solutions let you create applications in the form of "software as a service" (SaaS) Backup and archivingProtect your data and applications no matter where they are to avoid costly breaks in your business

Disaster recovery

Protect all the most important IT systems, while ensuring the operation of applications when they are needed the most

Digital marketing
Establish relationships with clients around the world using personalized and scalable digital campaigns

Digital media

Provide customers with high quality video content anywhere, anytime and on any device

High performance calculations
Use unlimited resources to scale high-performance computing (HPC, High Performance Computing) tasks

Chain of blocks

Rapid development and implementation of distributed applications within a selected block chain

Micro-service applications

Deliver scalable and reliable applications faster to meet the ever-changing customer requirements

Calculation operations without using a server
Faster application development while focusing on innovation and not on infrastructure management

For further information, visit Microsoft Azure site here.

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