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Everything you need for Android and iOS

Everything you need for Android and iOS Need a mobile app but don"t know where to start? Or maybe you already have an idea ready, but you don"t know how to implement it? Constant challenges are standard at Softeris. We will be happy to take care of your project, advise and, if necessary, lead it from beginning to end. Our experts will advise a platform, programming language and will deal with both the UX and UI aspect, as well as the graphic design. 

Thanks to cooperation with many companies in the field of creating mobile applications, we are able to carry out the process of creating and implementing any application for Android and iOS from start to finish. We also offer applications that take existing systems and combine them into one, coherent whole. For example, if you have a system in which you store data, or you need to complete forms (e.g. audits), we will make an application for you that will allow direct access to the system, bypassing the unnecessary circulation of paper documents. 

The main types of applications


Offline applications

Installed directly on the device, does not require Internet access (e.g. games, calculators, etc.). This group also includes applications that allow you to synchronize with another device and share the effects of your work with others.

Client applications

Possibility to integrate existing systems in the form of an application that exchanges data with already existing programs / applications, mobile interfaces to stationary applications (so-called access terminals). They require Internet access and a server that supplies up-to-date data to function properly. The most common applications of this type are, for example, an e-mail client, a warehouse and sales application, a platform for sales representatives or offer viewing systems.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

They look and behave like standard applications, but in fact they are properly prepared websites. They are the next step of advancement after RWD (Responsive Web Design). Just like standard native applications, they can use mobile device functions such as push notifications, geolocation, gesture navigation and others. They run like regular websites - in a web browser without the need to download or install.

Regardless of which of the above you need for your business, our experts will surely be up to the challenge. We provide comprehensive and professional advice in every aspect.

We encourage you to make an appointment or a phone call via our contact section and to see our other products.

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