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And how it turns your production into gold

Having a production site? Throwing away lots of misproduced elements? We just might have a solution for you.

It"s no secret that there are defects in the manufacturing industry. Sometimes there may even be a situation in which the level of rejected items threatens the profitability of the entire business.

At Softeris (due to cooperation with industry giants), we are well aware of this. That is why we have created a series of solutions for the manufacturing industry, which includes Softeris SPC and Softeris QCS. With their help, you are able to store, aggregate and analyze all data in your company in an easy and accessible way.

Why do your company have problems with the amount of discards at all? Our experience shows that the reason is most often an inefficient data analysis system or no such system at all.

We often encounter a situation where measurements from quality control stations are recorded manually on paper or in spreadsheets. It quickly stops fulfilling its assumptions (a person easily gets lost in papers, forgets to write something, add, Excel works amazingly slowly, etc.). Therefore, you need a program / system that will sweep the amount of measurement data and arrange it into a coherent, whole  body and contain modules to analyze the causes of rejections.

Such a solution significantly increases the efficiency of the entire process and, above all, allows determining the causes of shortages, which allows them to be eliminated and, consequently, to increase production efficiency, and thus - an increase in revenue.

Wondering if our solutions suit your company? Thought about improving your production, but you don"t know how to start? Or maybe you just noticed that work is getting out of control?

Write us!

We"ll be pleased to suggest a way out of the situation based on our many years of experience. You don"t like writing e-mails? Call us! We would be happy to arrange a phone / video conference.


Also, feel free to see Silgan White Cap case study, and the DEMO version of Softeris QCS!




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