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  • Softeris Agent

Work automation and optimisation for insurance agents

The Agent System is used for comfortable management of an insurance company, storage of customer information or contracts signed, as well as payment monitoring (also in the form of monthly payments). The software reminds you of pay dates, systematizes the information you need and displays them in properly crafted tables.Depending on the option packet, the owner of the account may be able to invite employees to the system, for the packets purchased for that account are active for all users added to it. The basic packet is free, however it is limited.

How it works?

The system is based on the Softeris Workflow technology. It is modular, so user has a separate access to each module. It is divided into the basic sections, which are:

  • Users
  • Customers
  • Payments
  • Policies


The "Users" module is used to register employees. From its level, by pressing the "Add" button, you can easily and efficiently enter them into the register. All you need to do is give them a login and a password, and complete all personal details. It is worth noting that every employee registered by the owner of the purchased account will have access to all functionalities without additional fees.Instead of the "Add" option, you can also generate a special token that works like an invitational link. After entering the generated link and registering, the new agent will be automatically assigned to the "users" section.


 In this section, your agents can add their clients. Each employee only sees customers added by him, with the exception of the main account owner who has access to all clients of all users. You can also add them using the "Add" button. Here you must specify the type of customer, fill in personal data and assign it to one of your agent. The customer is automatically connected to the agent who added this client.


This is the most extensive system module. Here you have a multitude of functions and options that will make life easier for each agent. You can both issue policies and manage them effectively. After pressing the "Add" option, an interface appears for issuing new policies. We define things like:

  • Customer
  • Policy type
  • The beginning and the end of the policy
  • Insurance price
  • Number of monthly payments
  • Subject of insurance
  • Insurer
  • Application and policy number
  • Account number
  • Annex (e.g., photo of the policy)

Then we can go to the monthly payments subsection. Our program, based on the price of the policy and its period, will calculate the values ​​of all installments and display them in the form of a transparent table. Payment dates will be counted from the date of issuing the policy. It is also possible to send an e-mail notification to both the customer and the agent about issuing the policy.


 Probably the most useful functionality. It is used to monitor payments and, among others, sending notifications to the customer about the expiring date of payment. After issuing and signing a policy by the customer (using the "Signed" button), the system automatically generates a list of payments to this section. We can now go through it to monitor who and how much has to pay, and remind him of the outdated liability. We do this using the "Reminder" button from the "Actions" menu. There are also "Show customer", "Show policy" and "Paid" actions, which properly show customer information, policy and flag policy as paid.

  • Policies
  • Policy payments
  • Users
  • Adding client
  • Adding policy
  • Clients
  • Cloud
  • Generating token
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  • Payments
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More information soon.

Registration: https://cloud.softeris.pl

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