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  • The evolution of Workflow navigation

New ways to move around products


With today"s day, additional ways to navigate the Workflow, Cloud and Logtrans systems have been introduced. With the help of directional arrows, you can navigate the system both in the main window (workspace) and in individual processes. Inside the processes, hovering over a given row (both with the mouse and with the help of the keys) results in the appearance of keyboard shortcuts for active actions.


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After pressing the key corresponding to the underlined letter, the appropriate action will be executed (eg "T" -> "To service").


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A similar situation takes place in the new "multiselectbox". By arrows it is possible to move also around this box, in addition, the "space" key marks the highlighted element and "enter" confirms all data (equivalent to the "OK" button).


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Another evolution and at the same time our own idea are the so-called "Recall Binds". How does it work?

At the moment when on any page, process or system module, it is possible to press the combination CTRL + [number 1-9]. Then the assignment (binding) of the given page to a specific combination will take place. Now, wherever we are, after pressing our shortcut (eg Ctrl + 1), we will be moved to the place we assigned for the abbreviation("Recall").


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