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  • Truck Monitoring

We are facing another breakthrough in the Logtrans system.

It"s a new module for transport control, named Truck Monitoring. Soon, all logistics managers and logistic flow analysts will be able to check on what stage the given transport is at.

Data about loads and cars will be collected in real time from the gate and warehouse and then aggregated into easily accessible forms of bars and charts. A central dashboard will be created, in which the bars with the percentage of progress of the given load will be displayed in a clear manner. After graduation, the bar will be lit and be made known so that the responsible person can quickly react and accelerate the entire logistics flow in the company. To create the dashboard we used the latest achievements in the field of Visual Management, so no user should have a problem with its support, because it is very intuitive.

As always, we warmly encourage all users for testing!

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