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  • Softeris SPC - Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control


Quality Management

Softeris SPC is an excellent tool for quality management in small and medium-sized companies. The system has many options for configuring the indicators used during the test, then recorded on the measurement cards (eg X-R cards). It is also equipped with a number of additives compatible with the Statistical Process Control theory, thanks to which it has the possibility of, among others, setting control limits, consecutive rising measurements, etc. All data collected by the system are presented in the form of graphs and statistical indicators.

The basic application of the system is Statistical Process Control, i.e. process control based on measurements performed at specific intervals. As a result, the quality and stability of the process is increased at a low cost. The system also enables monitoring in terms of process efficiency and analysis of archived data in order to continuously improve the process.


Try out the DEMO here.


Softeris SPC is:


  • Increase of production quality and stability of the entire production process thanks to automation.
  • Reducing the level of losses and complaints.
  • Unified measurement processes.
  • Easy access to measurement and event history.
  • Signaling irregularities - simplicity of use and management.
  • Reporting methods and charts from the conducted research.
  • Recording the causes of occurring events and actions taken.

System architecture

The Softeris SPC system is based on client-server architecture. The main place for storing parameters and measurements is the central database. Each station operates on a local database and synchronizes data with the server at specified intervals. Thus, the system maintains continuity of operation even when the central database is temporarily unavailable.

Control charts

The system supports charts of various types (X-R, Xi-MR, etc.). Charts can work in two modes - preliminary and measurement. The initial mode is used for initial process analysis and calculation of control limits, while the measurement mode operates on defined limits.

Integration with production tools

The Softeris SPC system supports many standards used in measuring devices (eg Mitutoyo). Irregularities detected are immediately reported, and in the absence of continuity of measurements, certain actions are taken up, to the stop of the production line inclusive.

Why Softeris SPC?

  • Support for various types of control charts (X-R, Xi-MR, etc.).
  • Reading from measuring tools or files.
  • Multiplexers compatibility.
  • Deregulation detection alerts.
  • Full history of events.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Multi-level prompts and alerts
  • Clear, customizable charts and graphs
  • Production systems integration


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