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Unread content available from the workspace level


We have improved the notification system in Softeris systems. On the Workspace screen, a circle with the number of new or edited entries is shown next to each process’ icon. After hovering over the indicator (or selecting with the arrow keys) a table will be displayed on the given module with additional information about the user or the number of shares used.

In each module new/edited entries are highlighted in the selected color. After choosing the option "Only new", the system will display only the highlighted entries, while the "Read" button will automatically deselect all of them.

 Notification color (circle and entry highlights) can be defined in the process:
"Configuration" -> "Default settings" -> "Notification color"

It is set to yellow by default.

Presentation below:

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  • All data
  • jquery image carousel
  • Change notifications color
Latest operations1 All data2 Only new3 Change notifications color4
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