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E-Learning system

At Softeris, understanding the market and customer needs is essential. In today"s difficult times, we are aware of the seriousness of the situation of small businesses and micro-enterprises. Do you have a dance school? Or maybe you teach people languages ​​or other things?

In the current situation, you are definitely thinking about suspending your activities. However, is it really necessary? Why not create your own e-learning platform where you can continue your work in an easy and user-friendly way?

Softeris knows how to do it. Based on our experience, we will create your own platform, where you will be able to post lessons, lectures, training videos and even - if necessary - conduct online training. After viewing the materials, your students will be able to answer the quizzes and questions you have created, so that it is always clear whether someone is conscientiously fulfilling their duties as a student. A clever counter will show who saw all the material and who only saw part of it. This will further increase control over the group. The grading system will allow you to reward those who put their whole self into learning, and to make people who are more lazy to understand because it"s time to get down to work. Don"t wait for your business to fail! Call us and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

Who is Softeris Cogita for?

  • for training companies
  • for training departments
  • for medical care
  • for universities and schools
  • for health and safety training
  • for local governments and administration

Basic advantages of our solutions:

  • Stability (thanks to the use of proven Softeris solutions)
  • Compatibility (possible implications of any streaming services: youtube, vimeo, etc.)
  • Possibility of running LIVE streams if necessary, e.g. for additional meetings or pure socialization
  • Possibility to assess the knowledge acquired by students from the material
  • Create quizzes and questions for each movie
  • A counter showing how much of the video a student watched
  • Customization of the platform for the client (own logos, colors, etc.)

Please, contact us, and we will create your very own E-Learning platform together! Also be sure to check all of our other products!

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