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IT Systems support specialist

Your duties:

  • providing remote technical support to users
  • electronic communication and telephone time with users
  • solving reported problems
  • supervision over servers and databases
  • keeping an event log


  • analytically thinking ability
  • problem-solving ability
  • PHP, SQL, JS - at least entry-level
  • Windows Server - at least entry-level
  • English (at least Stack Overflow reading and answering emails)

Appreciated, if you also know:

  • Windows Server Core, PowerShell
  • SQL Server, Oracle
  • Azure


Your duties:

  • small programming work
  • infrastructure design
  • analysis and optimization of the installation
  • verification of solutions and code

You should know:

  • Windows Server, IIS
  • English (at least Stack Overflow reading)

Appreciated, if you also know:

  • Cloud systems (Azure, AWS, Google)
  • Version control systems (Git, Bitbucket)
  • Container issues (Docker, Kubernetes)

PHP programmer

Job description:

  • design and development of web applications
  • building systems with existing platforms
  • developing products according to client requirements
  • backend (mainly) and frontend (less so) 

You should know:

  • CSS, 
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • PHP framework (any will do, possibly cms)
  • English (at least to read Stack Overflow) 

Appreciated, if you also know:

  • frontend frameworks (Angular, React)
  • other databases (SQL Server, Oracle)
  • Microsoft systems (Windows Server, IIS)
  • version control systems (Git, Bitbucket)
  • mobile (RWD, Android) / IoT 



If you are interested in a position, but you are afraid that you lack competence - join as a junior! Together, we will develop the right skills and standards to create a good team.

We offer

In all positions we provide:

  • nice young team
  • large projects for large clients
  • flexible working time
  • possibility of remote work
  • IT conferences
  • training
  • medical package
  • basketball

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