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What is it?

Softeris Workflow is a proprietary tool by Softeris intended for workflow management in companies. It is a multi-purpose and multi-function platform designed to be quickly customised according to the needs of any client.

The ability to define specific procedures and automate tasks allows for better time and resource management, which brings real benefits - cost reduction and more profit.

The competitive price of Softeris Workflow makes this platform the perfect solution for small and medium enterprises.

How does it work?

Softeris Workflow is a flexible platform used to develop complex Workflow systems which can be easily adopted to the needs of your company.

System architecture is open and constantly developed, which enables access to a range of modules to be configured according to your own needs and requirements.

The service of creating a dedicated Workflow system includes:

  • analysis of the current situation, needs and requirements
  • implementing a perfectly customised system,
  • warranty and tech support,
  • subscription to platform updates
  • ability to extend the platform and add new modules.

Why choose us?

Softeris Workflow significantly expands the capabilities of a company. Its benefits include:

  • better work coordination between employees, departments, sites, suppliers, clients etc.the ability to define responsibilities and grant appropriate rights to every department and/or user,
  • task management, with the option of continuous status monitoring,
  • automatic notification of overdue tasks,
  • process automation on the basis of selected parameters,
  • integration of various activities in the company"s environment (e.g. email, teamwork) in one tool
  • full history of individual user activities,
  • ability to generate detailed reports on performed works,
  • ease of operation thanks to simple and clear forms,
  • email and SMS notifications,
  • advanced search tools with filter system,
  • integration with other systems,
  • open system, expandable with new modules.


Softeris Workflow is a platform ensuring quick and easy information exchange between users. Thanks to its flexibility, the system can be customised according to the needs of your company, which allows for defining specific procedures to speed up the work on specific projects.

Our platform is a multi-function system enabling activities in individual areas: customer relationship management: accepting requests and inquiries, analysing and replying to them workflow management: document storage and sharing with specific people, business process management:

  • defining business processes,
  • assigning rights to users, 
  • controlling the duration and status of all handled events, 
  • email/SMS notifications, 
  • total quality management: optimising processes, 
  • increasing he engagement of employments and the satisfaction of customers,
  • document management: shared work on documents, 
  • defining multi-level access to individual documents, 
  •  website content management: managing authors and their access levels, 
  • publishing content, knowledge base management: ability to create a knowledge base in the company with a system to find information easily.


Single sign-on - the platform supports single sign-on via multiple standards, including Google, Windows, Facebook...
Ease of use and various access levels - the uniform structure of the entire system ensures ease of operation for every user. Thanks to the ability to define access levels, the system can be used both by registered users and guests.
Access from smartphone - all systems built on Softeris Workflow look great and work perfectly on smartphones You don"t need a computer to approve a document after all.
Reporting - thanks to the flexible reporting module you can always check key performance indicators.
Attachments - the Softeris Workflow Platform allows you to store attachments (various files: Word, Excel and PDF documents, images...) and share them with selected users.
Internal linking - thanks to dynamic generation of links to every system component, you can easily share the path to any information with other users.
Generating www pages - Softeris Workflow has a special tool to generate web pages handled by the internal CMS module.
Access to change history - any information in the system has its change history, allowing you to check who did what in the system.
Installation location - systems based on the Softeris Workflow platform can work in internal corporate networks (Intranet) or in the Internet.


All systems built on the Softeris Workflow platform have common core. The solution was tested by many clients, which ensures stable operation.

The uniform architecture of our systems also ensures ongoing development of applications and possibility to update it to the latest version. Implementation includes a yearly subscription to platform updates.

Later implementations of additional modules extend the subscription.

  • The subscription can also be purchased separately.
  • Tested solutionCommon core to all systemsGuarantee of application development
  • Access to updates