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  • Softeris Workflow for PEPCO

Workflow between headquarters and individual stores


Client: PEPCO Poland

  • Poland-wide network of clothes and home appliance stores


Initial situation

  • information shared between headquarters and stores by email or telephone
  • no system to report and assign failures and requests
  • no electronic workflow



  • Company portal based on the Softeris Workflow platform
  • the process of handling service requests
  • the process of handling requests
  • electronic workflow for multiple processes



  • automatic request assignment based on category
  • automatic notifications on unresolved requests
  • several additional processes
  • enabling the client to create his own processes



  • growing together with the company, from 50 stores in Poland to 650 stores in Europe
  • 3500 service requests per month
  • 20 processes established by Softeris
  • 75 processes established by PEPCO themselves
  • 200 active users per day
  • Subsequent projects
  • with network expansion, stores from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania were given access to the system
  • the smart mechanism allows for parallel operation in multiple languages, e.g. showing Slovakians materials in Slovak, but allowing for shared data collection from various countries

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